14 year old endured a 5 hour commute to school!

Have you guys heard about Santiago Munoz? This teen was riding 2 buses and 2 trains from Far Rockaway, Queens to the Bronx every single day to get to school. It was a 2.5 hour commute each way! Now I don’t know if you have ever been to Far Rockaway, but, IT’S FAR!

Munoz attends the Bronx High School of Science, a prestigious school which pulls a lot of weight, in fact it has produced quite a few Nobel prize winners. The young man recognized the value of making it to this school and sacrificed himself every day to make it on time. One has to respect the grind!

NBC shared that Munoz along with a few other children from other parts of the globe were among the ones with the longest commutes. See below excerpt:

Munoz’s daily odyssey was featured in a United Nations exhibit that also highlighted a Kenyan girl who walked two hours to school, Brazilian children who ride mules, and a Thai girl who walks 40 minutes to board a crowded rickshaw.

Kids like these are heroes, young men a women that recognize the value of an education and do what they need to in order to succeed. NYCTalking gives kudos to Munoz and those children out there in the world that have it even harder than he does for their dedication to education.

On a side note, the NY Housing authority had read about this young man’s situations and moved his family to Brooklyn where his commute now becomes a one hour commute. That’s great news and for once a Government agency does the right thing for it’s customers!

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