3 Teens Shot Dead during home invasion

I am not one to celebrate the loss of life, but I’ll be the first to tell you that if you choose a life of crime, odds are that you will end up in one of two places, dead, or in prison.

These 3 teens between the ages of 17 and 18 found the former. Unfortunately for them, they chose a home that had one of the owners present, and he also happened to have an AR15, this led to the 3 teens being shot dead.

According to the news story, they entered the home and encountered the homeowners teenage son. Words were exchanged during the encounter and this led to the homeowner’s son opening fire. What was said or done remains unknown, but at the end of the day, I think the homeowner is in the right on this one. Obviously, the state laws will factor in, etc. However, I’d always give the benefit of the doubt to the person who owns the home, over anyone who forces entry. Seems logical, and anyone with a family to protect would probably agree.

Entering into someone’s home is putting your life in danger, even in a place like New York City which doesn’t have a castle doctrine, the odds favor the homeowner. Well, maybe not in NYC. I think that in this city, you’d be fighting an uphill battle if you ever defend your own life. Due to the very liberal, anti gun laws of this city, if you protect your life or home, they would try and crucify you.

The media would speak about the criminal’s potential. Perhaps they lived a life of crime to feed their child? These would be the points of focus, and the people in this city would eat it up while calling the homeowner a baby killer, and so on. I always pray that my home, or my family’s life is never in such danger where we have to fire one of our guns.

As an activist for equality, and so on, I understand what can drive people to commit these “petty” crimes. However, as a homeowner, father, and husband, I can also very much understand the need to protect your family and home. If it comes down to your life or mine, good luck.

These guys could come back, rape your wife, murder your kid, etc. So what are you to do in this type of situation? If they threaten you and say, we are gonna come back and get you and your family, would you open fire to eliminate the threat? Would you be able to think, “well, these kids are probably oppressed and they mean no harm.” Or would your instincts of self preservation kick in? As I mentioned before, I’d always try to keep everyone alive and safe, even the criminal. I think people can be rehabilitated. However, if its your life or mine, I will always opt for mine.

Once again, I am not one to celebrate the loss of a young life, but this should serve as a lesson and a reminder, that if you choose a life of crime, for whatever reason, you could get shot to death by picking the wrong house on the wrong day.

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