6 month old baby shot five times.

What kind of messed up world is this where some punk gang bangers shooting at some of their enemies hit a 6 MONTH OLD BABY GIRL? Shot 5 times! Shot 5 times, sending her to a hospital only to spend her last few hours of life in agony and ultimately to die. Why are we not going to the streets of Chicago, in full riot and military gear and simply taking all of these scumbags off the street, lining them up, then picking them off one by one? One bullet to the head. We know they are out there, we know what they are doing, so why are we allowing it?

As law abiding citizens you and I don’t have the legal authority to do this, but the Goverment does.  I mean they are so hell bent on passing gun laws, well, why not pick up the shooters while you are at it?  Obviously I know we can’t just pick them off with a bullet to the head, but we can get them off the streets. We know who and where they are. Why aren’t the authorities doing something? Give us the right to do it and we’ll have the streets clean in no time.  It’s a terrible, crying shame when we have to read or watch a news story about a 6 month old baby being shot to death. Her body wasn’t even formed. Jesus Christ, do you think these animals are even aware of what they did?

Rest in peace, beautiful little Janilah Watkins. May the angels watch over you, and may those same angels come down from the heavens and strike these animals down to then escort them directly to the gates of hell where they belong.