71 year old man shoots armed robbers.

This was the best story ever. Well, definitely one of the best stories ever.

2 nineteen year old thugs came into an internet cafe in Ocala, Florida to rob the place.  One of them had a baseball bat which he promptly took to a $1,200 monitor in the shop, one has to assume it was an intimidation tactic. The other came in brandishing a handgun which he was aiming at the customers while presumably barking instructions.

Out of nowhere 71 year old Samuel Williams came out and started busting caps at these teen thieves. He hit both of them with shots from his.380 (lucky for them it was a small weapon). They both ran out of the store while Samuel continued popping off rounds, they both got out of the store but were eventually caught. They were taken to the hospital on their way to jail, at least one of the two has posted bail since then. Why would you grant bail to someone that just attempted a felony crime? I never understood why bail works in such a ridiculous way.

Authorities have stated that they will not file charges against Samuel Williams, and they would be insane to do so. The man protected his life and the lives of 30 other business patrons. He also taught the piece of crap criminals out there that the citizens can and will fight back!

In any case, this is one of the main reasons I’m pro-gun. This old man refused to be a victim, who knew how this would have played out if he wasn’t armed. But thanks to his quick, decisive action it ended up with the 2 bad guys in jail. BOOYAH! PWNED!

Samuel Williams is a hero in my book, God bless this man.

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