A family of artists

I am very fortunate to know and keep company with quite a few artists. MPorkyP is one of them. The young man is constantly evolving and growing as a painter/digital artists. Yet he’s not alone in this, my wife is also very big on art, as is his mom, and many of my cousins.

Here are a few images that they have created.

aneil rodriguez sonic drawn

MPorkyP is a major Sonic the Hedgehog fan. He draws several of these every time I see him. Pretty damn good!

christine ngai art

My wife did this one years ago. She said this is her and her brother at the park blowing bubbles as young children. Its a very nice artistic piece. I advised her to have it framed for preservation.


With great power and skill, comes great responsibility! So of course my son would draw a picture of me in my standard pink shorts, and moobs!

christine ngai art 2

This is one that my wife had in her portfolio. I just took a picture of it to share it.


As you can see, I have at least two artists in my immediate family. There are several more, but my closest family members being so artistic should be an indication of what we do, yo!. My dad, before he passed used to enjoy drawing as well. I’m a musical artist. I have no drawing abilities, but I can appreciate the visual arts.

MPorkyP doesn’t even realize it, but he’s already behaving like a designer. My wife is a graphics designer, and her portfolio is made up of clothing and patterns that she has designed. My son, as he is trying to build his “clothing style,” uses the same exact techniques to preview how the outfits he wants to wear will look. He takes pants, shirts, sneakers, and puts them together in pictures as he creates his “swag.” It is pretty amazing to watch it all unfold before my eyes.

Here’s to the future!

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