A fool-proof formula to end the pain of NYC parking tickets

Joe is a major happy camper today. He just landed a huge account that will be his
ticket to a promotion, raise, and some serious perks. Joe’s on his way back to his car
when he spots something stuck under his windshield (I don’t have to tell you what
that is, do I?). Joe was the recipient of two NYC parking tickets for parking in a no
standing zone, and expired registration. Talk about assassinating Joe’s good

Joe glances at the parking tickets and sees they are two of those unbeatable
printed (scanned) parking tickets. He crumples both tickets up,  and tosses
them in the back seat of his car. He’s already spending his new raise.

Joe, nothing can be further from the truth

The absolute first thing you and Joe should do after receiving a NYC parking
ticket is carefully examine the front of the parking ticket for omitted, misdescribed,
and illegible required elements. A required element is a bite size bit of information
that a parking ticket warrior (TEA, Brownie, cop and so on…) is required to enter on
the front of a parking ticket to establish a case against you.

If any of the  required element are wrong, you are entitled to a dismisal
of  your parking ticket upon application and presenting the proper proof,

O.K. you’ve got my attention. So where do I find these wonderful required

How to present the proper proof, properly?

Joe carefully examines the front of his parking ticket and sees that the body type
of his car (registered in NY) is wrong. The parking ticket warrior inserted SUBN,
when his car is a 4DSD (4-door sedan). Joe is a winner. Now, all Joe has to do is
prepare a defense letter stating the body type is misdescribed and submit a copy of
his vehicle registration and a few photographs of his car showing the license plate
and demonstrating his chariot is a 4DSN rather than a SUBN (suburban).

Next, I recommend Joe send his defense letter and securely attached exhibits by
certified mail, return receipt requested to:

New York City Department of

Hearing by Mail Unit

Post Office Box 29021

Brooklyn, New York 11202-

Joe will receive a written decision dismissing his parking ticket in 2-3


Please, I beseech you, never, ever pay a parking ticket “no questions asked.” The
first step is to carefully examine the front of your parking ticket for omitted,
misdescribed, required elements. lf none, check if you have a viable substantive
defense. For example, if you receive a parking ticket for no standing, but was
stopped temporarily to drop off a passenger, and can present the proper proof
properly, you win.

The tipping point to using these wonderful required elements is once you
identify one, be sure to present the proper proof properly. Each required element
requires a unique way to prove it’s existence. If you don’t present the proper proof
properly, a judge will not dismiss your parking ticket.

How to prove these gold nuggets exist will be for my next guest post.

Park safely.



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