Abusive nanny caught on film!

This video shows a woman slapping a young child in the face with an ipad. I’m glad that she¬†was caught. They say she was arrested, but I have not confirmed if she has actually been jailed or fined for her actions.

However, I am happy that this man filmed it, and reported it. I hope that she never gets another job working with children ever again.

Would you confront someone you saw abusing a child?

  • Kim

    Slapped with an iPad? Uggh this makes you ever wonder why you’d bring children int this mean world. People are crazy. I wouldn’t personally step in, but I am known for calling the cops.

    • I have stepped in on occasion, but the victim then turned on me for “not minding my business.” So I too would probably just call the popo.

      • Kim

        See, that’s why I don’t step in. People these days are unappreciative and crazy.

  • This is why parents have such a hard time entrusting the care of their children to people outside of the family, and sometimes entrusting family doesn’t keep abuse away.

  • That is shocking!!! She should not work with children.

  • I Had a man grab my son once in the post office once, needless to say he got a complete tongue lashing from me! but what annoyed me the most, was not one person stood up for me, every just put there eyes to the floor or avoided eye contact altogether….argh makes my blood boil!!

    I hope she never gets to work again with children either!!