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An aggressive militant homeless man!

NYC Subway

An aggressive militant homeless man!

I was walking toward the subway turnstiles as I do every single morning, this homeless man comes over to me and asks “Hey man, you got a quarter for coffee?” Well, I recently had some guy in the street try hard to hustle me, (still writing that post) and my guard is up big time so I said “No” and kept walking.

This homeless guy though, he wasn’t taking no for an answer. He tried to cut off my path and asked again more loudly, “Hey man, you didn’t hear me? You got a quarter for me to get a coffee?” this time he came a bit too close into my personal safe space and I became immediately annoyed. I replied more forcefully “No man, I already answered you. Back up off me bro.”

He realized that I was getting pissed and that I wasn’t going to bend to his aggressive tactics, so he immediately pounced on the next person. That’s when the booth clerk got on the speaker and said “Hey you, man, get out of here and stop harassing our customers! I’m gonna call for the police!” This guy pulled down his pants, and told him “Kiss my ass you motherfacker! Kiss my ass!”

This is a typical, Friday 530am occurrence in NYC. None of us skipped a beat as this was all going down, we just observed casually and kept it moving. So, how’d your morning commute go?



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