Airline Pilots and Mental Health

With the news that the Germanwing airplane was purposely crashed into mountains, I can’t help but think that we really need to reexamine and vet all existing and future pilots.

When you get on an airplane, you are entrusting your life to this person. I know that like the trains, and buses, the planes are just common place these days. However, we are now seeing more and more that the unthinkable can in fact happen.

I call on all airlines to put their pilots through some form of program and vetting process to ensure, or at least minimize the likelihood of something like this happening again. You won’t catch them all, but if you can stop some, then that translates to lives saved.

Please share this and let’s get these people to start valuing life more.

  • You would think all airlines already have a rigorous evaluation and training program considering how many lives pilots hold in their hands. Unfortunately, people running airlines are too busy looking at their $ numbers.

    • It would be logical of them to do this, but like you point out, they just want that money. They don’t care about people’s lives or safety. Bottom line is all they care about.

  • Yes! Aside from his personal health, etc, I detest that he’s not being called a murderer or terrorist like he should be. But sadly, we know the deal on that…