Al Sharpton Afraid Undocumented Puerto Ricans Will Be Deported

Bless his soul. The good Reverend Al Sharpton is concerned that some of the Puerto Ricans he grew up with in Brooklyn may get deported if their parents are undocumented via a Donald Trump presidency. Though his intent is good, his information is clearly inaccurate. For those of you who do not know, as was clearly evident due to the recent powerball debacle, Puerto Ricans are born U.S citizens. We automatically attain this citizenship whether we are born here, or on the island. As a commonwealth of the U.S, this is probably the one major benefit that we gained from being invaded by the great liberators.

Here is my message to the Reverend, and to anyone who is getting ideas about messing with the one good thing that came out of the U.S violating Puerto Rico in so many ways over the years!

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