Album Review: DMX – Undisputed

First things first, how is this not the biggest deal ever? DMX came out with a new album, and how did I find out about this so late? It’s freaking DMX! D-M-to the motherfreaking X!

Is it cause I don’t listen to the radio much, is it cause I moved out of the hood? How could this beast come out with an album and the universe not quake with excitement? WHAT! Grrrr… (See what I did there? Those are DMX sound effects.)

Look, I know that the new generation may not be familiar with DMX, and that’s why I’m providing this not only as an album review, but as a public service announcement. Yes, a public service, because DMX is one of the sickest, illest rappers out there and you need to be listening to his music.

DMX is raw, real, hard, street, and just all around ruff. One of the realest brothers out there. His live interviews are super entertaining because you never know what is going to come out of his mouth. But it’s always real.

Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s you couldn’t walk the streets without hearing one of DMX or his ruff rider’s anthems blasting in the hood. Clubs were blasting his tunes, and pretty much everyone was listening to his music. Not only that, he was also in a few films with Jet Li and the like. I still remember some guys once told me “DMX ain’t hard, he makes skater boy music”. Uhm, ok, skate on this! WHAT!!!

In any case, so using my awesome spotify application I got my hands on DMX’s new album “Undisputed”. I’ve been playing all the songs, randomly and on repeat. What does that mean though? It means that every track on the record is good. Few artists produce an album where you can just sit back and let a record play and listen to all the songs without skipping. This is one of those albums. Perhaps I’m biased because I’m a DMX fan from way back, but really I think it’s cause it’s pretty damn good. Check out one of the songs from the new album featuring Machine Gun Kelly.

X produced some of his typical catchy hard tunes like “I don’t dance”, but also some of his storytelling style with a softer melodious feel as his “No love”. Throughout the songs you hear his trademark phrases like “what, yeah, Grrrr” and the occasional pitbull barking.

I missed that style of music, it’s dope to have DMX back and making new music again. He’s been through some rough patches, ranging from drugs to jail time. But lets hope he stays out of trouble and can keep making hits! Yo X, please stop driving until you fix your license homie! LOL.