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Fasted Cardio in the morning

Plateaus are a son of bitch, if you haven't hit one yet, don't worry, you will. Our bodies are magical ...
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I don’t work at Modells!

I don't work at Modells, but don't tell her that! Some months ago I was at Modells picking up some ...
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What boot camp is like: The first week.

When I arrived at boot camp, everything moved in slow motion. It feels that way from the moment you enter ...
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Women’s best kept secret: Tights & Leggings

I've often wore leggings, but I wear them underneath my pants or shorts. Basically to protect my skin from becoming ...
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Zumba Air Classic Remix Review

So during black friday, Zumba had a crazy sale. I missed out on most of the stuff I wanted because ...
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Saving a girl on the subway

I was still working downtown at Wall Street. What this means is that I would ride the E train all ...
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Nuts that lower testosterone

Yo! I just totally had a mega WTF moment. Everyday for the past two years or so, I have been ...
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Pervert confronted on the train

We have all seen our share of nasty behavior on the subway system. I know I've seen people peeing, shitting, ...
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Maison Kayser 38th Street Location

On occasion my wife and I will go try a new restaurant, on one of our "dinner dates." She had ...
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Rancho Tequileria

This day was one of the colder days this year, and it also happened to be a very busy day ...
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Momofuku Ma Peche (The Return)

I took my wife to Ma Peche for her birthday. And if you read my write up, you'll see that ...
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Dos Caminos

This spot was okay. We randomly chose it for a family dinner. I like to get together with my mom ...
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