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8 year old hangs himself cause of bullying. You are not alone!

I covered this story back in 2017, and it quite literally brought me to tears. As I read about it, ...
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5 tips for dating

I recorded this at 5am in the morning, so you'll notice I'm whispering some. But I still wanted to get ...
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With Will Collazo talking life

Today's upload features movie Director and fellow Mixed Martial Arts fighter and BJJ practitioner, Will Collazo. We had an idea ...
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NYC Street Tips: Protecting your wallet and home address

Most people carry all their documents in their wallet. Among those documents is your driver's license which has your home ...
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Dating Friend’s Ex

This is an old topic that will never die, is it okay to date a friend's ex? I share my ...
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Ask Angel: Is it worth being possessive and jealous?

If you ask me the question, "Is it worth being possessive and jealous?" My simple answer would be no, it ...
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Let’s talk about 3 movies that will totally blow your mind!

On this episode of NYCTalking podcast let's talk about 3 movies that will totally blow your mind! Interstellar, Sunshine, and ...
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Shaun King on officer’s death

Meet Tom Latanowich. Last night he shot and killed a cop that I am told was one of the good ...
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Undercover cops try to arrest undercover cops

Detroit doesn't have the best rep when it comes to cities, and now we can add police departments to that ...
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No jail time for another sexual assault criminal

Samson Donick, 22, pleaded guilty to the reduced charges as part of plea deal with prosecutors that also required him ...
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Two men get probation on 13 year old gang rape

If you listened to my podcast last night, you heard me say that I thought rapists were the worst of ...
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Fuck you of the week, Chicken, Weed, McGregor!

The NYCTalking Podcast is back, we start today's episode with several fuck you messages: Fuck you to Richard Pan (D) ...
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