Angel is a blogger with appearances on FOX 5, NPR, HLN, National Geographic Channel, MTV, HOT 97, NY1, Bronxnet, and more! The founder of the blog & podcast NYCTalking, with bylines on The Huffington Post, Lifehack.org, Thoughtcatalog.com,  LatinoRebels.com and Onmogul.com just to name a few.

Angel is also a Video Blogger, Mixed Martial Artist, Foodie, and commentator. Angel is hip hop poet who has performed throughout the NYC area. Internationally, he was featured in a film hit song that topped the charts in India.


Angel is a U.S Air Force Veteran, a computer technician, and a certified fitness instructor.


Angel prides himself on providing fair reviews. Reviews range from any of the corner delicatessens, to products from all across the globe!

Local Haps

Angel will share cool events as he becomes aware of them, be it a brand new one woman show, or simply the details to a great service provider, he’s got you covered.

Fitness and Health

In the past year, Angel has dropped nearly 70 pounds and completely reshaped his body. He earned his certification in fitness, and has been leading group exercise classes for the past 6 months. He will share advice on how to live a better and healthier life. He will share his experiences both good and bad along the journey, as well as featuring other experts in the field.

Tech talk

Angel is a self declared, life long nerd. He has spent nearly two decades providing tech support to trading floors, non-profit businesses, private clients, as well as the military.

Social Commentary

Angel will occasionally touch on social issues, politics, and current events. He focuses solely on the issues rather than taking sides based on ridiculous party lines.


Angel is fortunate to know many fashion versed individuals, they will provide you advice, recommendations and tips on the hottest trends of the season.

Guests posts

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Interviews and event promotions

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