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Anime themed dating event fail

Love and Dating

Anime themed dating event fail

So this morning I read about this event that was supposed to be an anime themed dating event. Apparently, it was close to being cancelled because no women signed up.

I briefly perused the details, and I saw that 5 males had joined, and 0 females did. So, 10 total people would be at this event. To me, that sounds like a serious creeper setting, and not something that I, or anyone I know would want to attend.

You are setting a number, and creating a matching number in hopes that they will all connect? That’s some awkward shit right there, and dating doesn’t work that way.

Look people, if you want to create a space, that is anime themed, where people can come, meet, hang out, and hell maybe even date at some point, then just throw a damn anime themed party.

The minute you label it, “Find your future spouse,” or anything like that, you just made it weird as fuck. What woman would want to attend an event like that? Men are desperate, it’s obvious they would attend by the numbers here. But women, not so much.

I’m sorry folks, dating doesn’t work that way, and this attempt, and the subsequent epic fail that it has become should be indicative of it. Don’t treat it as a dating event, just treat it as a regular, anime themed thing, and like minded people will show up. Then, let the sparks fly as they will. You cannot plan or force these things, it just doesn’t work. Obviously.



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