Ann Coulter Roast Was Hypocritical

Let me get this out right from the start, I am no supporter, fan, friend or ally of Ann Coulter. She has said and written many things that are terrible, including but not limited to saying that my culture is a “rape” culture. There is no love for Ann Coulter in this here neck of the woods.

However, as a human being, I am inclined to call out the super high level hypocrisy that has been demonstrated by many whom I align myself with. If you watched that Rob Lowe roast, a roast that I have no idea why the hell the likes of Ann Coulter would ever, ever, ever attend, you’d know that she was called everything from a cunt, to a whore, and all things in between. They hit her really hard!

Does she deserve to be insulted, well, that’s entirely up to you. I know I have attacked her in the past, but I had good reason, and I attack everyone just the same. I certainly don’t disrespect anyone the way she was disrespected, but I’m just saying, she certainly isn’t out here winning any friends among the Hollywood elite.

Now, my issue is not so much that they called “her” those things. My issue is the hypocrisy of the many, many people who would be crying foul had that been said of another woman. Take for instance Rosie O’Donnell, she has been called fat a few times, and people went ape crap over it. Why is that? Because Rosie is a woman they consider an ally, but Ann is considered an enemy. Therein lies my issue.

See, if you don’t want women to be called cunts or whores, you cannot say that it is okay if it’s a particular woman, while losing your crap when it’s another woman. That right there is the true definition of hypocrisy. You either stand up for all women, or you don’t do it at all, otherwise, you then become a hypocrite.

I’m going to repeat this for those of you who may be hardheaded and did not catch it the first time around. I do not like Ann Coulter, she had said so many bad things about Latinos and other minorities in this country. I am not a fan, and I don’t want to come off as though I’m fighting on her behalf. She is merely the target, and that could have been anyone. The object of my attention is the hypocrisy.

It’s quite simple, no need to make it a big deal. Most of us, except for the far right wing don’t like Ann Coulter. I get it, trust me, she’s received a fair share of my wrath. But, if you are okay with her being called a cunt, and so many of the other things that were said, simply own, and admit your hypocrisy, and keep it pushing. Nothing bad is going to happen to you, just own it. Because whether you do or not, us men/women of reason see it for what it is, hypocrisy.

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Angel Rodriguez

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