Anthony Stephan House Killed by a bomb in Texas

There are so many terrible things happening in the world that it seems we as Americans have become desensitized to it all. However, I’d like to mention Anthony Stephan House, a man who the mainstream (lamestream) media has largely ignored. This man was a father, a college graduate, a good working man who lost his life because someone hates him. He received a package and in this package was a bomb that exploded and blew this good man to bits.

Why did this happen and why has this happened to other families in Austin, Texas? Why isn’t the media paying much attention to bombs killing Americans? This is absolutely disgusting, and I hope we find out who did this to him and the other families. And once we do, I’d like to see the perpetrators put to death in the same fashion that they took innocent lives.

The people who did this are disgusting and they deserve to be punished in the worst of ways. My deepest condolences to Anthony’s family and all others affected by this senseless crime.

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