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AntiAsian Racist Woman


AntiAsian Racist Woman

These days, not even food pages can steer clear of racism. My friend was looking at some food posts, and she came across this antiAsian racist woman and her nasty remarks.

As you can see, this woman clearly has a problem with Asian people and their sharing of food. Food is one of the universal languages that I figured we could all share, but according to this person, apparently that is not the case.

The post originally appeared here and has since been deleted:

By the way, she eventually responded to me directly, she said that I should not bother replying, but that her husband was even worse than she was. She indicated that she was actually nicer than he was. Geez Louise!

I understand that someone (and possibly many others since then) have reached out to her place of employment, and that at that point she promptly deleted her commentary. Below is the exchange as shared by one of my friends.

What a coward, she doesn’t even stand by her bigotry! I bet that soon her account will become private and hidden, or get deleted. It’s been around since 2016, so I don’t think it’s a troll account, I believe there is a real person there. If you google her, you’ll find that they have had some legal troubles for shady practices.

It’s always a bit scary when sharing out stories like this. One has to be concerned about retaliation, legal retribution, and so on. Also, there is always a remote chance that someone used her face, name and profile to create a fake account. I mean, I’m not above giving someone the benefit of the doubt. But remaining silent will keep us in this type of situation, by speaking up we can affect change. Will Rosalie become a different person over this? I don’t think so, but she’ll see that we immigrants and marginalized people will no longer be tolerating it. Even in Trump’s America!

Anyway, I guess I should say thank you to her, people like this provide a steady, never ending flow of content for bloggers like me. Whether they are attacking Latinos, Blacks, or Asians, they never fail to keep giving us material. So, thanks? I guess?

Oh, and go fuck yourself.



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