Are you blaming the guns?

With the current violent acts involving guns, politicians and antigun proponents have been having a field day:

We need tighter gun control.

We need to stop the guns from getting to the street.

If these guns were not in the street then these things would never happen.

Let’s reference things in terms of NYC. For the last 48 hours I have been involved in heavy debate regarding guns and gun control. These antigun types have been condemning me and other gun supporters, blaming the NRA for the actions of that idiot Holmes, and other gun toting psychos.

So let’s talk about NYC, this city has some of the tightest gun control laws in the United States. At this point I am in the process of waiting for the NYPD to receive my mental health checks before I am issued my gun permits. It’s really tough to get gun permits in this state. I am proof of that, no criminal record, no arrests, a good law abiding citizen. Yet here I am, waiting for months and months, in NYC.

Growing up in NYC I lost a few friends, some were shot and killed by guns. I repeat, in NYC with it’s strict gun laws. We were teenagers, and we had access to guns, and we were victims of guns. I don’t recall any of us having gun permits at 15 years old, but yes, we had access to guns if we wanted them.  I could get on the subway right now, and be back home within 2 hours with a high caliber, automatic, assault weapon. What does that tell you?  The gun laws don’t stop criminals, young and old from getting their hands on guns. I have always chosen to live on the straight and narrow, but as my dead friends can attest, not all do.

My friend and published author Ivan Sanchez said the following to a fellow facebook poster in regards to guns and gun laws in NYC:

I have to respectfully disagree that the issue is the guns… The issue is all the illegal guns… guns that are brought into the inner cities by police officers and even those in the military. If you don’t recall – just google NYPD running guns, etc. Furthermore, when you have a city like New York in which it’s virtually impossible to get a licensed gun and a permit to carry a concealed weapon – the criminals know they have the upper hand and they stash their illegal guns in baby strollers, under the wheel well of cars, in mailboxes in the projects and every where else they can think of. The criminals will always have the advantage. In regards to Colorado, that’s another monster – that’s simply a psycho gone wild with a bunch of legal weapons… However, had law abiding citizens been sitting in that theater with weapons it would have at least been a fair fight and I promise you – 70 people DO NOT get shot… I’ve been on both sides, I used to run guns from Virginia to NY and I have a great understanding of why it’s done and who does it… again, cops and military people… So unless you can pull all 350 million guns off the streets in one week, you’ll never balance this out. And if you ONLY allow military and police to have guns, the citizens will become slaves to criminals and authority… We need to take up arms and protect our own communities, our property, our families and our children… That will always be my position… But I respect yours…

His friend had stated that we need to get the guns out of people’s hand, and before I could reply, Ivan said exactly what I would have said. Let’s stop blaming the guns, and realize it’s the bad people. If people can’t tell who, where, and when a person is carrying a weapon, I guarantee that they will be less eager to shoot anyone or target innocents. These idiots shoot because they know that the good citizens will not be armed. That’s how little boys like Lloyd Morgan lose theirs lives, and that’s how events like the current Colorado massacre happen.

I am pro gun, and I will state again that guns don’t kill, people kill people.  Statistically more people die every year from car accidents, drunk drivers, etc, than from guns, yet cars are not banned. Why ban guns? Statistics also say that police, arriving on the scene, unaware of who the bad guy is, are more likely to shoot innocents than an armed civilian who was there during the whole event is. Use reason in making these decisions.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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great question!

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7 years ago

@HispanicNewYork are latinos blaming the guns then??

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