Armani Exchange Closes SOHO Branch

About 10 employees or so are out of the job this week at the Armani Exchange in Soho. Turns out that beef with the landlord (probably other reasons too) has created a situation where the store’s lease would not be renewed. As I understand it, some employees were offered an option to receive an extra $4 in their check. That’s mighty generous of them.

Unfortunately, employees at the SOHO branch are not the only ones affected. Other locations had to “make room” for “some” of the SOHO alumni, and as is often the way of life, they too were sacrificed in the process.

What we find troubling is that the employees were not given any advance notice, and I find it terribly hard to believe that A|X didn’t know this was coming. It is selfish to keep these people working, presumably to not affect their output, and then spring on them, the day of, that they are being terminated. Some of the employees are young, and will recover, but not everyone is so flexible and can be more adversely affected.

It is my belief that if a company intends on terminating you, that unless it is for some gross misconduct, or other infraction, they should extend you the common courtesy of letting you know ahead of time so that you are not blindsided, and you can begin your job search.

Anything that affects New Yorkers interests us here at NYCTalking, and we are highly disappointed in A|X and hope that in the future, they will take their employees into greater consideration when making these types of decisions. Contrary to their beliefs, human beings, lives, are not expendable.


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