Armed Robber Shot Dead By Civilian. Mother Angry at Shooter.

This is the second time that I have covered this type of scenario. Last time I covered this, the armed robber lived. Take a look at this old video I made on this.

Unfortunately for Joy Stapleton and Tamon Stapleton’s family (the robber) this time the armed robber was shot dead. But the reaction from the mother is very similar to the first scenario. This is understandable, but is it reasonable? Take a look.

I feel for her, if you listen to this interview, you can hear that she seemed to have been trying to raise him right. She says that she was the one who called the cops on him when he was doing wrong. So it seems like she was really trying, but sometimes there is only so much a mother can do. I feel sad for her, it’s heartbreaking that she had to bury her son.

However, on this point that the friend of the store clerk who was being robbed at gun point should have dialed 911 instead of taking action to help his friend, she’s wrong. If any of us saw our friend being robbed with a gun, would we wait and call for help? What if while you are dialing the guy shoots your friend dead? Could you live with yourself?

Look, I’m not advocating for the taking of life. I don’t take this lightly. That was a young life that was snuffed out. But I have said this on many occasions, and I will repeat this point again and again. If you are in the process of wrongdoing, and it comes down to you or one of mine who dies, I will always choose you to die. I think the friend did the right thing, and the law did the right thing by not charging him with a crime.

Given the facts as they are at this moment, this is my current stance. Should anyone produce evidence to the contrary, I am totally willing to adjust my stance. However, as I understand this, there is video of the event and what happened is not being challenged. The problem the mother has is that “he should have dialed 911 instead of shooting my son.”

I understand your grief and I am sorry for your loss Ms Stapleton. However, Tamon put himself in that position. You have to understand that some people are not willing to risk the life of a friend or a loved one in hopes that someone who is committing a crime doesn’t go any further. I am truly sorry.

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  1. Sam Del Rosario

    07-18-2015 at 3:00 pm

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. Period.

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