Comfort Of A Stranger

At the risk of sounding cliche, I’ll begin Comfort Of A Stranger with Once Upon a time! Once upon a time, there were two teenage friends from a tribe. The young villagers were wise yet innocent. Two friends who were as of yet unaware what fate had in store for them. Palus and Malie spent many days, and many evenings playing together. They were the best of friends, united by a common home land, and by a universal force that could not be explained. However, this would all be short lived.

You see, in the village of Kork; all the men and women are required to serve as warriors once they become of age. Their warriors protect the tribes from invasion, and keep the other villagers safe. It was everyone’s duty to do this, and their time to be warriors was rapidly approaching. It was mandatory as protecting the village tribes was everyone’s responsibility. One was not considered a man, or a woman, until they completed this rite of passage.

However, their young friendship would give way to his becoming a man, well before becoming a warrior. In all his clumsiness and inexperience, together they shared this magic for his first time, and he became a man. Now the time to become a warrior was upon them. They were separated, and then the time passed. As fate would have it, after their youthful moments were lived, and their rites of passage completed, the universe would further part the seas and send them what seemed worlds apart. And so it was.

In that past life, Palus and Malie shared a very special connection. Though the exact memories escape them both of late, there are some events that are not so easily forgotten. Especially for him. What he shared with her was something that can only be given once, this ensured that their time together would never be forgotten. She had forever carved her name deep into his heart and soul. Though little did she know the long-lasting effects that their time together would have.

As the years passed, Malie became a symbol to Palus, she was a memory of a youth loss. She held a special position in his heart and mind that none other could ever occupy. She would shape his desires; his wants and his yearnings for decades to come. He was a brave, decorated warrior, and he would go on to ravage village after village in search of that memory. He was feared for mercilessly devouring all that could lead him to her, yet never succeeding, or feeling satisfied. His yearning and hunger for Malie consumed him, and as his hunger grew, so did his power. With every village he conquered in search of her, he became more and more powerful. Soon he would become the chieftain of the most powerful collective of tribes. Yet, all the villages in the world could never give him what he truly wanted, Malie.

Decades later, as a testament to the impact that this one woman made upon his soul, his searching finally paid off, and he found her. He’d searched long and hard for her, year upon years, but all to no avail. However, there she was, finally standing in front of him, and he could not believe his eyes. Upon being informed that a female chieftain from a neighboring tribe which he was set to raid the next day wanted to speak; curiosity got the better of him. He wondered what this chieftain could possibly have to say to him, perhaps it was an unconditional surrender? Yet, this was no random chieftain; this was Malie, and there she stood, inside his home, by his bed chambers. As he gazed into her eyes, his heart beat fast. His breathing was strong, measured and steady, but his attempts at exhibiting calm would be betrayed by the racing of his heart. He wondered if she noticed? Could she hear his heart beating so fast? The blood coursed through his veins, faster and faster as his heart beat so quickly. His mind conjured up memories, and those long-forgotten feelings of the past.

He came closer to Malie. She appeared to be afraid of the great chieftain, she had heard the terrifying tales of the many villages he had devoured in search of a treasure. However, what she did not know was that he did all this in search of her, she was the great treasure he was looking for. A great warrior herself, Malie had gone on to become the Chieftain of her own tribe, and she feared a murderous takeover from Palus. As he moved in closer to her, she remained quiet, and lowered her gaze. It was as if she was afraid to look this evil man in his eyes, despite their shared history. What was she afraid of finding? He looked at her, took his hand and gently guided her head up lightly raising hair chin. His body was shocked by the softness of her flesh as he touched her skin, shivers went down his spine; he licked his lips, and felt the pulsing in his body move lower. She looked up at him, with one hand on the sheath of her sword; he took the other hand and placed it on his heart. Looking deep into her beautiful, dark eyes, she felt his heartbeat, and she knew that he meant her no harm. In fact, as she gazed into his eyes, she saw love, lust, desire, pain, and a deep longing. She was confused about what all this meant. However, she released her weapon; she was not in danger.

For the first time since seeing each other all those years ago, one of them finally spoke. He said to her, “You are in my heart. My heart is yours, and it has been since we were so young back in the village of Kork. It still is and has remained as such all of these years. The tales of my brutal conquests are all true. I have pillaged, brutalized, and taken all that stood in the path of my finding a great treasure. However, this was all done for you, Malie. You are the great treasure that I sought, everything that I have done, has been for you.”

Malie didn’t know what to say, so she came into Palus’ embrace. He held her close; he breathed in deep from the scent of her hair. His mind and body raced; his passions were fully aroused, and Malie could tell. As he embraced her, not a single part of his body could move without her noticing. They embraced so tight that she felt it all. Intoxicated by the scent of Malie’s hair, and the warmth of her body, he began to breathe on her neck. He gently kissed her on the neck, one kiss, two kisses, three kisses. Lingering with each kiss as if it were his last. He breathed her in deep once again, enjoying the heaven of having her in his arms. She slightly turned her head, and he kissed her cheeks. While still holding her tightly, she turned to face him, and he lightly kissed her lips.

All these years, all this searching, and it came down to this moment. Malie had arrived fearing that this chieftain which she had heard so much about, this man whom she called a friend in a past life would come to steal all that which she had built. Only to realize that all that which he had, he now offered to her. She looked Palus in the eyes, and she kissed him back. She removed her warrior belt, and pulled off her dress. Palus’ heart was about to jump out of his chest, as he gazed upon her naked beauty. He guided her over to his bed, but while standing he began to kiss her body. He began from her forehead, to her lips, her neck, and continued to kiss her breast. He kissed her stomach and then he guided her to lay down. As she did, he spread open her legs, and he breathed in. He took in the scent of her treasure, kissed her thighs, and then began passionately kissing, suckling and licking her flower. She laid back, and moaned in great pleasure as Palus drank of her sweet nectar.

Malie was a generous woman, and she was a firm believer in reciprocation. So as Palus began to undress, she began to kiss his body. She kissed him until she made it to his treasure. She could feel the blood pulsing, and he stood as firm and erect as when he was a young man. Though today he was far from a young man. She took him into her mouth, and proceeded to give him great pleasure. The kind of pleasure that only a chieftain queen could give. The kind of pleasure that only the woman of your dreams could make reality.

He guided her up, and laid her on the bed. Palus then entered Malie, slowly, and deliberately. He wanted to feel her opening and taking him inside of her body. Once again, Palus visited with the Angel’s. This time though, unlike in his youth, he had much more control and was able to enjoy her thoroughly. He thrust deep into her, pulling her close, and kissing her passionately. Losing himself inside of her, his dreams came true. The softness and warmth of her body took him to heaven. She motioned for him to lay down, and he did.

Taking control, she climbed on top of him, driven by the hunger in his eyes, she controlled the tempo, teasing him, pleasing him, and enjoying every second of it. She was a chieftain; she was used to being in control, and she loved the power. She pressed into his hips, taking him deeper inside of her, ensuring that she swallowed him totally into her body. He lay on the bed, enjoying his queen’s body, the beauty of her skin; the softness of her flesh, the warmth and moist coming from her treasure as she moved her body on top of his.

He rose up, and turned her around; he pulled her neck close by the hair on the back of her head, and he kissed and licked her. She bent over, arched her back, and pointed her toes, her flower opened, inviting him to enter her. He nodded, not yet. He knelt down behind her and began to kiss and suck on her. He breathed in the scent coming from her then rose and stood up. He entered her again, and slowly moved, wanting to feel every part of her, enjoying the moment, knowing that she could once again be gone from his life. He wanted to savor this moment for a lifetime.

They continued to make passionate love, for hours and hours. This chieftain was being driven insane by passion, and he did not want the moment to end. Had he the power, he would stop time, blend all days into this one, only to ensure that the moment would never end. Perhaps he was dreaming? Perhaps it was sorcery? But the day never did end. The two chieftains remained in their private heaven for all time, and so it was that though they only just reconnected, they found eternal comfort in the arms of a stranger.

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