Atheists attack WW1 Memorial!

Once again, Atheists are attacking Christians and those of faith. Personally, I respect most Atheists and their right not to believe in anything. My issue is when they attempt to infringe on Christian rights of expression. I know that not every soldier in the war was a Christian, but those that are honoring them are followers of the faith, as such they will express their honor in their own way. Every person is entitled to honor their own as they will.

I hate to say it, and I don’t agree with it, but even those Satan people that are trying to build a monument are “entitled” to do so in this country. You can’t pick and choose who has rights based on their beliefs. Except pedophiles, and rapists, I’ll be a hypocrite when it comes to them. No rights for them, “minor attracted people,” I’ll tell you what you will attract. Wait, I can’t write that kind of stuff here.

I digress. Below is a petition to sign fighting this nonsense, along with all the specific details of the case.

For nearly 90 years, a World War I memorial cross has honored our nation’s bravest heroes.

Now, angry atheists are suing to tear down this historic war monument in Maryland – the Bladensburg Cross.

Angry atheists have taken aim at the memorial, saying they are “shocked” and “upset” that a cross could honor fallen veterans.

These claims are absolutely ridiculous.

To allow a couple of angry atheists who are “upset” about the cross to tear it down would dishonor our veterans. Those who fought valiantly for our nation a century ago deserve to have their memory cherished by their memorial – the Bladensburg Cross.

The ACLJ is preparing a critical amicus brief to defend the cross and honor our veterans. Stand with us. Join our committee to defend the cross today.

Sign the petition here!

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  1. David Garret Peter Kuivenhoven

    05-25-2014 at 12:54 pm

    ….most american “atheists” are merely bigoted anti-christians who willfully misinterpret a centuries old letter, abetted by a biased media, as justification to eradicate christians from society. they’re silly children throwing a temper-tantrum because they don’t want to feel bad about the void in their existence, the void being their inability to comprehend, let alone accept, that there may be something out there that is greater than us, greater than anything we could imagine. to live an existence so empty of possibility must be maddening, hence the lashing out. we try to hurt others when we ourselves are hurting. i pity them.

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