Attempting to decriminalize pedophelia? WTF?

I just became aware of something called “B4U-Act”. Apparently this is spearheaded by a group of mental health specialists that “understand the problems of pedophiles”.  They are not necessarily advocating raping or sex with children, but they want to “help” pedophiles and change the way the world looks at them. One of the items on the agenda was replacing the term pedophile with “Minor attracted people”. Minor attracted people?

Some supporters have even gone as far as to say that just like being a homosexual, this is not a choice, it just is their nature and sexuality. Minor attracted people?

Let me tell you something my friends, this is where I draw the mother-freaking line in regards to my diversity and tolerance. I will not, ever, under any circumstances support, protect, or accept these sick people having sex with young children. Minor attracted people?

Are you kidding me? This society is so concerned with being politically correct, so concerned with the needs and rights of the people, so much so that they are willing to endanger our kids like this! This isn’t the first time that I cover the topic of pedophiles, it comes up often and is one of the subjects that I feel very strongly about. All you have to do is Google “B4u-Act” and you’ll see plenty of write ups on the topic. Minor attracted people?

I find it sickening, and I make absolutely no secret of my disgust with these people. I make no apology and I will not be tolerant of this behavior. There is only so much that I am willing to tolerate, and this violating of children is absolutely not on my list of tolerable behaviors. Minor attracted people?

Normally I like to be very careful about what I say online, particularly what I put in writing, but if I ever reach the point where I accept and allow a grown man to violate a child, society as a whole will have a much bigger problem than what I’ve written here today, and I will make no apology for it. Minor attracted people?

Minor attracted people? You sick freaking people, your bull-crap propaganda will not win and I will fight tooth and nail until the end against “accepting” or “normalizing” this disgusting behavior.

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