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Disgraceful: Pervert Filming women’s butts in Zumba!

We were in the middle of a class, and this guy came in with his phone, he wasn't even participating, he just walked in...

Life Changing: The Psyche of Fitness and Self Confidence

This is a paper that I wrote in college for Cultural Anthropology on fitness and self confidence. I believe I wrote this during my...

BJJ Black Belt Confronts Joe Rogan On Weed

I'm not sure how old this video is, and at first, I couldn't tell if this was staged, a joke or real. In fact,...

Meet Charlie The Bodega Cat

Meet Charlie the bodega cat, though he thinks of himself simply as a cat. He is not a fan of these man made labels. Take...

100% Whole Wheat Bread

For the most part, bread has been cut out of my diet. I will eat it on occasion, in fact, I had a 6...



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8 year old hangs himself because of bullying

This story literally brought tears to my eyes. As I read it, I began to sob. I can't begin to image what a child...