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That time I was on a tv weight loss show

About 3 or so years ago I was on a rampage. I was getting cast on as many tv shows as I could. One...

A child’s innocence or reality?

How do you feel about preserving a child's innocence? Some parents try to shield their children from the pains of the real world, they...

Getting a coinmach refund!

Ever since I moved into this building, we have had trouble with the damn dryers in the laundry room. A quarter here, a quarter...

Why do you train so hard?

Recently, a woman at the gym came over and asked me, "Why do you train so hard?" We are all in here doing the...

Preferring a woman with a vagina is transphobic?

So I saw this video shared on some right wing site about whether or not preferring a woman with a vagina is trans-phobic? I...



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Will she hook up with me?

Fellas, I covered this topic in writing once before, and I decided to revisit it via a podcast. Let us discuss this ever so...