Autism Awareness Day


Today is Autism Awareness Day.  Would you “LIGHT IT UP BLUE” (it is as simple as wearing something BLUE see below) along with me and the rest of the world to help bring awareness about Autism. I greatly appreciate your participation by doing so we are giving so many whom have been stricken with this disorder a voice who can’t do for themselves.

autism awareness


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  • Autism has become a cause that is near & dear to my heart after hearing about the things a very good friend of mine goes through with one of her children. It is tough & those kids are brilliant, more often than not. You just have to go about engaging them differently.

    Love that you dedicated a post to it!

    • I know someone that has 3 kids that are autistic. It looks like a very tough life.

    • I’m trying to get good people like those families help so the children can attend specialty schools and so on. The least I can do is share a post. 😉

    • So the more I learn about it, the more frightening it becomes! Just seems like a really difficult life. I wonder if it’s strictly a genetic problem with the mixing of two specific people or if it is more mother or father originating?

      For instance I know this person that has not 1, not 2 but 3 autistic children. Oddly enough I think they are on their way towards a fourth kid.

      Now, let me ask you, if you know that every kid you bring into this world is struggling, and they require so much effort, wouldn’t you stop reproducing? I mean isn’t one autistic child difficult enough to care for? Imagine 3, and judging by the current trend, maybe a fourth?

      This person is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and they are in fact capitalizing and taking advantage of the kindness of another family member to survive. The family person shoulders the financial and time responsibilities in providing for those 3 kids. Now wouldn’t you be helping rather than adding to the already complicated situation?

      It is unfair and selfish behavior. Lucky for them I’m not the person they are doing it too. Cause I’d keep the kids and put the parents out on the street. I’m kind, and I help more people than you can possibly imagine, but man if you play me like that, you gotta pay the consequences for your actions.

      Am I being fair Kitt?