Awesome feedback from business owner!

Hey Angel,

I read the article. WOW. To say the review was the nicest, most well written, warmest, sincere, and “real-est” review I have EVER read about ANY restaurant, would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.

I read it twice and then I shared it with my staff. They too wanted me to read it again and I will read it to all on our next monthly meeting in a few weeks.

Words cannot describe the emotions I had when I read it. Did my eyes get watery? Yup. They did.

We work hard to make sure our patrons have an excellent time with us. What you and your lovely wife, Christina, experienced is what we strive to give every customer.

The pictures you took of the food were truly amazing. The angles of the images. The descriptions you gave. Everything you wrote tied it all together nicely. I was amazed that you did that in a few hours of the visit. I am really impressed Angel.

Thank you for sharing this with us and the online community. It was much needed and very much appreciated. Thank you for also stopping to introduce yourself. I like to meet everyone. When you left I actually shared with other guests our encounter and our story.

Whenever you are around please ask for me. I’d like to personal thank you.

Thank you,

Peter Kambitsis
Ripe Juice Bar & Grill

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