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As I sat in “Subway” eating  a sandwich after spending the day filming “Theatre of Horrors,” it occurred to me that I had an invitation to go to Bagatelle that night. As I munched on my “at best” average Subway sandwich, I reached out to Mike Pomposello of Quality Blue Interactive to see if the invite was still active. It was, so I decided to take a trip out to the Meatpacking District.

Using my trusty “Transit” app on the iPhone, I mapped out a bus route from where I was in St. Marks to Bagatelle. A short walk and bus ride later, I was in the area. I enjoyed the scenery as I searched for Bagatelle eventually finding the restaurant.

Upon arrival I realized one thing, I was terribly underdressed for this restaurant. In fact, I was terribly underdressed for the entire neighborhood. All the people I encountered were well dressed, and looked like they had very substantial trust funds. I felt extremely awkward, but since I was already there I decided to approach the gentleman in the front of the restaurant. I guess he wasn’t aware of the event I was there for, as he told me that there wasn’t an event. After a few moments of him saying “No event here,” I guess he realized that I was pretty sure of myself and directed me to the front desk folks. At first they too seemed perplexed as to what I was there for. I kind of felt like bailing, I felt rather uncomfortable. But after a taking a bus, (I hate riding the bus) there was no way I was going to walk away!

I was under the impression that we’d have the entire restaurant for the event, bu then I realized that we were a small group dining together. Eventually we sorted me out, and I made my way over to Mike and the team. We hung around the bar for awhile chit chatting and were soon seated. I was glad to be seated, I felt really out of place here in my shorts, bloody gore stained shirt, and sneakers! Hahaha. Meanwhile everyone else was dressed to impress, but hey, I didn’t know it was that type of party, so I came straight from having my head sawed off on set!

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Once seated, we were offered water, wine, and other drinks. The waiters were extremely professional, and make you feel like royalty. Even us blood stained, chainsaw victims. Once I got pass the confusion in the front, the vibe in here is very nice, and you are treated well. But enough about that, let’s talk about the food!

Well, how can I say this? How about simply? Every single dish that I ate here was absolutely delicious. This is not something that happens often, but it happened this evening. I don’t think I had ever paid much attention to Bagatelle before this event, but man, I was extremely impressed by the quality of the food, the service, and the overall dining experience here.

For a restaurant “tasting,” we were fed quite a good deal of food. Several courses, one better than the next. There were about 6 of us, so I had to control myself from entering into a shark frenzy! Let the others eat, Angel, let the others eat. Share!

Take a look at this list of food items (This isn’t even everything):

Salade Bagatelle: hearts of lettuce, Parmesan cheese, fresh garden herbs, mustard vinaigrette

Gnocchi Truffés à la Parisienne de Nicolas homemade gnocchi, black truffle pesto filling, truffle sauce

Pizza à la Truffe Noire black truffle, flat bread, crème fraiche, scamoza

Tartare de Thon Bagatelle ahi tuna tartar, avocado salad, lime soy vinaigrette, taro chips

Hamachi tartare, black crispy rice, sriracha mayo

Calamari risotto saffron cake squid ink vinaigrette

Pan seared halibut. Fingerling potato hazelnut fava bean salsa

Châteaubriand – Pour Deux 24 oz center cut beef tenderloin, truffle potato purée, red wine and peppercorn sauce – for two

Poulet Rôti Entier à la Truffe – Pour Deux whole truffled roasted chicken, country style potatoes, chicken jus – for two

Bagatelle NYCTalking 4
This right here is the gnocchi. The texture was a little different from other gnocchi that I’ve had, but it was really delicious. Great flavor profile and a must try should you visit Bagatelle.
Bagatelle NYCTalking 5
This may look like ordinary pizza to you, but it is some of the best gourmet pizza that I have ever eaten.
Bagatelle NYCTalking 2
I have been eating chicken for years, especially during my hard dieting phases. So to be honest I was going to skip this dish. Man would that have been a bad decision. Chicken is usually dry to a degree, no matter how a good a chef, more often than not, dryness rears its ugly face. Not this time! This was some of the most tender, perfectly cooked chicken I have ever eaten! I remember this one most clearly because I was so surprised. The potatoes were a great partner to the chicken, and I highly recommend trying this dish. Hmmm. So good! I just ate some dry leftover tandoori chicken a few minutes ago, sad face.
Bagatelle NYCTalking 1
Once again, can you say yummy?As the evening progressed, a live dj started playing music, and folks started to stand up and dance. The vibe was jumping, and the music was pumping! The highlight of this place is still the food and the service though. As some of you know, I’ve been on television a few times, and this has afforded me the opportunity to dine at many fancy smancy places, and to be served by many high profile chefs. Some are not that great, but Bagatelle lives up to the hype.

I recommend this place to anyone who wants to try out some really good french food. I met the chef, and he was super cool too. We had some great company, great food, great service, and awesome music! All in all this was an amazing night out! I’m glad that I took the bus ride down and hung out with these guys! Thanks for showing us such a great time Bagatelle and Quality Blue interactive!

Oh, how could I forget, this was part of the dessert sampler. Between 6 of us we barely ate half of it. This sundae is no joke, son! No joke! The picture does it absolutely zero justice, this thing is humongous.
Bagatelle NYCTalking 3

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