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Barboncino Pizza Review


Barboncino Pizza Review


So we ordered take out from this place for my son’s impromptu birthday party.

I’m not impressed, but as a pizza connoisseur, I can’t completely knock this place. The cheese and sauce was pretty good. I had a personal pie that also had some meatballs on it, and though not terrible, the meat wasn’t impressive, and I ate the 4 or so pieces in a few bites anyway. Whatever the added cost for that, totally not worth it. But yeah, I can’t completely knock these guys, the cheese and sauce had a very good flavor profile. Also, the pizza wasn’t greasy, or excessively heavy.

Though the flavor was good, there is a major sticking point that I have! The flavor was partially drowned out by burnt ashes and charcoal attached to the dough. You can scrape it off, but the taste remains. Blech! No bueno! Though the pizza wasn’t terrible, the main problem I have with them is the burnt crap I was eating and had to scrape off. I sense that the pizzas were thrown in and rushed. There was no tlc put into this personal pie, and without tlc, food is seldom ever any good! That’s real talk right there!

These guys do not do delivery, and for $15 for a smallish personal pie, you’d expect that they could at least clean the oven before throwing the dough in there. In any case, if not for the burnt dough, and charcoal, or whatever burnt nasty crap was on it, I’d say this was a good slice. Most of the guests agreed with me. It should be noted that the birthday boy wasn’t very impressed either.

It is doubtful we’ll ever return here. Expensive, gourmet pizza that is burnt is a bad deal! Nearly $100 were spent on a few personal pies! For that, order a few pies from a regular pizza spot. You know that it won’t be great, but it will be 1/3 the cost, and your expectations are set! Lesson learned!

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