Beats by Dr.Dre Powerbeats 3 In-Ear Bluetooth sports headphones

Of all the headphones I tried, and didn’t keep, the Beats by Dr.Dre Powerbeats 3 In-Ear Bluetooth sports headphones were the best ones, hands down! These headphones have the best seal, the best sound quality, great comfort, and the controls were rather responsive.

In fact, to be entirely honest with you guys, the only reason I didn’t keep these is cause my ears itch like hell as it is, and putting something inside only makes them itchier, sensitive, and extremely irritated.

In terms of the product itself, these things were amazing, and it sucks ass that I can’t keep and use them. By the end of my workout, my ears hurt quite a bit from me scratching them. But this isn’t a beats by dre issue, this is an Angel itchy ear issue.

Between the treks, plantronics, and this product, there is no doubt that this is the best product, at least that’s my opinion. Which is rather interesting considering that they cost me significantly less than the other two! Go figure, although I should note that they were on sale when I got them at best buy.

The sound on these things was nice and loud, didn’t get pitchy or crackly, while still being able to maintain a powerful and deep bass sound. I mean these things are dope, and I’m thinking about buying one of the over ear pairs to replace my bose headphones, simply to go bluetooth already. I don’t think I could workout with those big ones, and I really don’t want to. My sessions are rather intense, and it’s likely that they’d end up flying off of my head.

The other thing is that the cushions would probably end up getting ruined with all my sweat. It’s just not a good look, but I can make them my day to day headphones as opposed to my fitness headphones. I’ll see what I do on that. In any case, I highly recommend these if you are good with in ear headphones, they were pretty amazing.

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