Beauty and the party

Years ago I was at an event, I was there with my then girlfriend and a bunch of mutual acquaintances. It was a festive time, we were partying and drinking and having a grand ole time. This was nothing rare, just one more of the many trips we took as a group back in those days.

So this one particular night, we were partying and we all got pretty hammered. During the course of the evening this beautiful woman, I mean she was freaking gorgeous, was being a bit flirty. She happened to be friends with my then girlfriend and I thought this was rather odd, so I didn’t really play into it. Not that I should regardless, but I’m just saying.

At one point I was walking towards the dance floor, and the lady was in her hotel room. She opened the door and then grabbed my arm and tried to pull me in. I resisted, and made a joke about it as she puckered up and made a disappointed face. We then carried on acting as if that totally didn’t just happen.

I never forgot that day, for several reasons. First, she was really hot, and I can’t imagine what would have happened if I went in there. Well, no, I’m lying, I know what would have happened. We would have fucked the shit out of other. Like I said, we were both kind of drunk, and she was really hot, and man, I wanted to fuck her. However, it was terribly wrong on so many levels.

So I did not do it, I just kept moving. But the “what if” always stuck with me. What if I didn’t resist her pulling me in and I went into that bedroom? Beside the obvious pleasure, I can also think of 101 ways this could have been a problem. Not only did I not have a condom, we were both drunk as fuck. So she could have claimed that she was not aware of what she was doing, thus getting me in trouble legally. She could have gotten pregnant, thus bringing an innocent life into a really fucked up situation. Disease is always a risk. It could have been a test to see if I’d cheat. And finally, let’s not forget the fact that my then girlfriend was waiting for me to come back.

At the end of the day, on some days, we can do the right thing! Even when we all walk around being lead by the head between our legs!

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