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Hi everyone! I know it has been a while since I write a post, but I’m back! I found this new compact foundation that I absolutely love this past weekend, I decided I must share it with everyone!

I have been looking for a great compact foundation, with SPF that’s not powdery, since I have dry skin. Normally, I like to reapply my makeup, and SPF around noon time since most of my makeup will be gone by then. I think it is a good idea to reapply some SPF before you go get lunch, and step into the beaming sun! Especially if you have a tendency to have dry skin like I do.

I came across this place while in Flushing at the New world mall. It is a very small store found to the left of the main entrance. The store is called Amore. Amore sells mostly Korean beauty products. The sales ladies were very nice to me, and they helped me find the products that what would work best for my dry skin.

During our search, we came across this Iope compact that has a liquid BB cream that seeps up when you press down on the sponge. It felt very moist and it didn’t look patchy at all. This foundation actually lasts, it lasted me at least 12 hours! I used it yesterday, and when I came home from work it was still on my face. Wow! No foundation has ever lasted that long on me!


I am so very happy with this product. The costs is $40, but it comes with an extra refill, so really you are getting two for the price of one. Or think of it as 2 for $40. Justify it however you like, but this product is a must!

Amore also gave me a gift after purchase! I have been using the Bio Essence for the past week, and I do notice that it helps to condition my skin. I haven’t had a chance to try out the mask yet, but if the other products are any indication, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be good too.

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If you are not from NYC you can also find these great products on Amazon or your favorite beauty products provider.

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