The big dude with the cute girlfriend

I often see this guy, he’s extremely overweight, and he can barely walk around. The reason he stands out in my memory is because his lady is smoking hot, I mean, she’s hot! I’d notice her regardless of who she was with.

The first time we “met,” I was pretty big myself. As I walked with my lady, I wondered if the world perceived me, the same way I perceived him. The big guy, with the smoking hot wife. In any case, I made some changes, and now I’m just the ugly guy with the smoking hot wife. But, my friend has not, he’s still just as big, and ever worse.

I saw him today, he was walking carrying food while shoving a muffin down his throat. As I watched this, I thought of the health concerns, and frankly, how unbecoming it looks to see a young man who is so large, and barely able to walk, and shoving a muffin down his throat. I’m trying to not be judgmental here, as it wasn’t so long ago that I was on the same boat. I fear that I may be failing at the whole not judging him thing. I recognized that I had a problem and I took action. I’d like to see him do the same, he’s a young man, and he’s destroying his body.

I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m not a fan of fat. However, if you are happy as you are, great for you, but don’t expect me to pretend to like fat in order to protect your fragile ego. Frankly, I hated how I looked. I hated the way that I felt. I hated being out of breath. I hated being winded from simply tying my shoes. I hated sucking for wind when walking up stairs. I was not happy with how I was living. I made some changes, and I prefer this way much better. That’s my choice.

Speaking from a health point of view, this guy is not healthy. He is shoving empty calories into his mouth as he’s on his way home to eat more empty calories. This is just not good, and I do not approve. Sure, I know it’s none of my business, and he can do whatever he likes. But, I have the freedom to talk about it. I’m not disparaging him, I’m stating, he is a young man, and his body is a mess.

His quality of life could be improved so much with some exercise and diet. One year from today, this guy could be living in a different world. I only hope he realizes this before it’s too late and something terrible happens to him. I wish I could help him, but how does one approach a perfect stranger with that type of proposition?

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