Big George Foreman Talks About Muhammad Ali Passing

There’s was a rivalry for the ages, I don’t think in my lifetime we will see a fight thatĀ big, asĀ amazing as this one was. In fact, this wasn’t even in my lifetime! Hah.

George Foreman and Ali had what would go down in history as one of the most amazing boxing matches ever. A fight that elevated Ali to heights undreamed of, while at the time, destroying the seemingly unbreakable Foreman.

Anyone who follow boxing knows that Foreman came back, and man did he ever come back! I’m a huge fan of Foreman, and watching him talk about Ali is truly amazing.

Check out this video of Foreman as he shares his feelings on Ali leaving us. For me, this loss really sucked. I have hoped for years and years that Ali could be healed. I hoped and hoped that they would find a cure before parkinsons disease took him from us. But sadly, he succumbed to the disease before that cure ever came.