BK JHS students disrespect 9/11 Memorial!

It seems our middle schoolers are still making the news. Last week a group of Greece NY student’s video went viral on YouTube. Those fools quickly became the recipients of some much deserved hate due to their disgusting behavior towards their school bus monitor. Read more on this story here.

Thursday last week middle schoolers from Brooklyn JHS 292 were ejected from the 9/11 memorial for throwing garbage and other debris into the “reflection pools” which mark the spot where the twin towers once stood. They claim they were just bored and “it was something to do”.

One of the teens was also caught trying to sneak in three .33 bullet rounds into the site. He was caught at the metal detectors and had the bullets removed from his person. He was not arrested.

What is wrong with these kids? Disrespecting old women that are just trying to earn a living, disrespecting the lives lost during 9/11? Disgraceful! I hope the parents in these disgusting acts respond accordingly.

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What happened to the days when teens did their disrespecting with honor? For instance, me and my friends would wait for several men to enter the local prostitute house, then launch m80 firecrackers in there. Bringing that dirty business to a neighborhood with a bunch of kids warranted such action.

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