Black woman beat 92 year old Mexican man with a brick and “screams go back to your country”

People say that only whites can be racist because they have the power and the rest of us don’t. I have and will always call bullshit on that dumbass statement. I’ve witnessed racism coming from Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Asians and every variation there of. Believe me, we can all be racists.

Here we see a 92 year old Mexican male who was assaulted by a black woman because he bumped into her daughter. A woman who caught footage of the event stated that the man did nothing wrong, but was assaulted by the woman, and then 4 other unidentified males jumped into the attack.

The mother apparently said that the old man tried to touch her daughter, but the person who recorded this said that this was untrue. Look, if the man tried to touch the girl in a sexual way, then I’d be all in favor of a beatdown, and I’d say he’s lucky to be alive. However, based on the eyewitness account, that wasn’t the case.

The black woman then allegedly says, “Go back to your country.” Now, if that part is true, how damn ironic is it that a black person in this day and age could make such a racist, derogatory, dismissive statement while beating an old man with a brick to the face? Oh, and she did it in front of a young child, way to educate that baby.

I’m hoping that the police can produce some surveillance video of what happened, and if he didn’t do anything inappropriate, that these attackers are punished to the fullest extent of the law.

I found it funny that none of the stories mentioned that she was black. I think that they are afraid to say so because they think they could be perceived as racist? Political correctness is like that. Well, fuck that, she’s black, and she said “go back to your country” to a Mexican man. That fact should be illustrated for all to see. It reinforces my statement, its not only whites who can be racist!

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Angel Rodriguez

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