Blake Shelton Neon Light

It may come to as a surprise to many that a Bronx bred New Yorker is a fan of country music. The thing here is that I am far from your average Bronx bred New Yorker! Musically I listen to everything, and there was a period that this statement was ended with “Except country.” That has since then changed. I just found out that one of my favorite country artists just released a new album. It has already been downloaded to my device via spotify, and I wanted to check out any videos. I came across this one and thought I’d share it with you guys. Perhaps I can create some country converts out of you all yet! This song is called Neon light, it is a pretty cool, laid back, feel good tune.

Here is a little known fact, Blake Shelton has inspired at least two of my pop rock hip hop songs! “Take a sip” and “Not looking” which features amazing vocals from Sylvana Joyce! Both songs are currently available for free download on!