BLM, Westboro VS Kim Davis, Inequality & More – AngelRTalk #3

So this came out of nowhere, but I decided to tell parents to watch their kids! Do I really need a reason for a parenting PSA though? Next up we discuss my exercise gadget, the Lifetrak fitness monitor. Of course, no show is complete without my repeating that the Left wing and the right wing are part of the same bird! CAW!

Next up we do some shouts: People lining up for Jordan Sneakers, People paying $200 for Star Wars tickets, and finally the Benghazi obsessed folks. No laughing matter by the way!

We continue the conversation on Black Lives Matter detractors and there trying to use Keyshaun Mason’s tragedy as a tool against them. We talk racism, inequality, Kim Davis, Westboro and more!

Listen to our latest show by clicking right here! Or just stream it online!


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