Bloomberg states that Police should go on strike.

In this short video we see NYC Mayor Bloomberg stating that the police should go on strike until the public makes changes to protect them.  HELLO! REGULAR CITIZENS CANNOT CARRY GUNS IN NYC!  We are not the ones shooting cops or civilians! Are you freaking stupid man? The bad guys carry guns!  THE BAD GUYS CARRY GUNS!  If you let us carry our guns, I bet we’d achieve more for safety than we are now!  Good heavens man!  Are these guys on the same planet as us? Here’s a great comment I saw from a poster on the blogs:

The first police that should strike are the ones that guard him.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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Christopher James Davis

Using our tax dollars and they should go on strike huh? Yeah do it…we need some different cops ..!.. ^.^ ..!..

Debra Parham
7 years ago

Bad guy do KILL People NOT COPS

Clarise Luv-Vacherie Jones

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James Silvestri
7 years ago

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Debra Parham
7 years ago

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Pablo Rodriguez Gene Limbocker

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Lynn Rigney
7 years ago

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Mike Böcchinfusö
7 years ago

Bloombito is a shmuck.

MsBello Maribel
7 years ago

Umm! Mr. Mayor, that won’t solve the guns problem. That will just make the bad guys run amock in Gotham…ehm’…is that what you want chief??

NYC Talking
7 years ago

These politicians are out of their damn minds.

MsBello Maribel
7 years ago

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