Bloomberg stop and frisk the whites?

I bet you guys are wondering why NYCTalking hasn’t covered the situation with Bloomberg and his statements regarding “whites being stopped and frisked more than blacks and Latinos”. Well the truth is that we’ve been occupied with other matters. NYCTalking Editor Angel Rodriguez is also a musician, and he often works with his fellow artists on projects. Most recently he developed the website for upcoming Hip Hop star Charlie Scott.

Consequently Charlie Scott was the one who prompted this article by asking why we haven’t covered the topic. The thing is that we saw the statement in passing, personally and simply we just shrugged it off as another session of verbal diarrhea from our fearless Mayor. Another one of those moments where you go “Oh? He’s talking again? Haven’t his PR people advised him to shut his mouth up already?”

Let me ask you guys a question, what would possibly surprise you coming from the mind of a man that has a problem with the size of soda that you and I drink? What about the leader of a group called “Mayors against guns” who has a member that used a gun to attempt to force a young man to have anal sex with him? Nothing surprises me coming from this guy or any of his buddies, at this point we are simply waiting his term out. Waiting to see who will be taking his place and the kind of nonsense they will be pulling in his place. What else can we do?

So yeah, he’s been spewing garbage, MEH, big deal, he bores me, who cares, he’s on his way out anyway. The guy is a rich spoiled man who doesn’t like to lose. I recently read that he is going to take down the taxi industry when his term is up. Meh. I mean what else is there to say about him? He’s really not that interesting and everything that needs to be said about him has already been said on countless websites. I don’t really feel like repeating all that. So this is all he gets.

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