Why I bought my own gym mic

Most gyms have a club, or house mic. I mean, for our needs, these things generally work out just fine. But some of us prefer our own thing, and if you can afford it, why the hell not? These are some of the reasons why I bought my own gym mic.

I was on the fence about whether or not to buy a mic, I didn’t teach enough, and I haven’t made enough money teaching to justify it. However, using the club mics was becoming a royal pain in the butt. Every time I’d use one, without fail the battery would die, and I had to resort to buying my own batteries and changing them every time.

In addition to that, and even more worrisome for me was the hygiene aspect of it. Instructors use the mic, sweat, and no one wipes it down or sanitizes it. Now, I’m not one of these uber sensitive people when it comes to these things, but I sweat an awful lot, and if others sweat like I do, that’s just nasty. I don’t want to be wearing their sweat intermingled with mine.

The final and most important point was illness. I saw a few folks who were pretty ill using the mic, then simply putting it back. The mic was dumped into its storage place in all its bacterial, viral glory, and I didn’t want none of that.

So I bit the bullet and bought my own mic. If you plan to instruct a few classes a week, it may be a good investment for you. They are not cheap, but some websites allow you to finance it for a few dollars a month. Sweetwater seems to come highly recommended, but there are many out there that can do it.

I bought mine at Sam Ash as I found the cost was the same online, and they happened to have one available. I went with the Samson Airline Micro which I’ll be reviewing separately. Do you have your own mic? Which one do you use, and why did you opt to buy your own?

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