Bradley Manning sentenced.

Army PFC Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison. Bradley was on trial for leaking a ton of documents to the Wikileaks website. I have mixed feelings about this situation. There is a part of me that feels that the public should be made aware of any wrongdoings by our Government and their friends. Then there is a part of me that feels that anyone entrusted with guarding our national security secrets should do just that.

The prosecution actually wanted a stiffer penalty and sought to make a very strong statement here. By contrast Manning got lucky, these guys wanted to issue a warning for any would be copycats and Manning was going to be the sacrificial lamb.

Independent of my personal feelings on this matter, I can only wonder what was going through Manning’s head at the time he made this decision. I’m sure he didn’t expect this to go well for him. I mean look at Snowden, they tracked him faster than they could ever track Osama Bin Laden and Waldo! Though Snowden seems to be better off than this young guy. Petitions have already been started in regards to granting clemency to Manning. Many believe that he did the right thing exposing human rights violations.

Was Manning right or wrong in his actions? What are your thoughts on the verdict and the situation over all?

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