Breastfeeding in the subway

I walked into the train, stood by the door as I always do, and then I saw this happen. This may not seem like a big deal to Europeans, and certainly not to any feminists, but this is not something that we see everyday in NYC.

This woman was with her husband, and two small children. One of the children, the infant, began to cry. The father pickups the child, and simultaneously, momma pulled down her dress. Both her breast were exposed, and bounced along to the rhythm of the subway. I’ve never seen breasts like this one. It was almost like those water-filled balloons we would throw at each other during those hot days of summer in the Bronx.

All around you could hear audible gasps from the riders, and the person sitting next to her moved slightly away. Personally, I expressed no external reaction. I didn’t stare, but I simply observed with the eye of a blogger who covers these types of topics.


Well, next the father hands the child to her, and she sticks the baby on her breast. It’s feeding time biznatches! I know that the sole purpose of a woman’s breasts is to feed babies. However, in this society, breasts are sexualized. That’s just a fact, especially in a place like NYC. That being said, the audible gasps are not surprising at all. I’ve seen a lot in life, as such I am good at concealing my reactions. Although I will admit that I too had an internal, silent reaction to this.

Do you guys see this becoming the norm in the United States? I think these people were foreigners, but I have seen several local movements attempting to desexualize breasts.

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