Brooklyn teacher forced girls into sex

There is a story in the daily news today about 44-year-old teacher, Shaun Shaynak, who is being charged with multiple counts of having sex with underage students. He was caught after sending a penis picture to one of their cell phones. Isn’t that crazy though? He was caught because he slipped up and did something stupid. Imagine if he didn’t take thatpicture, he could still be hurting these young girls. This guy took them to nude beaches, gay clubs, got them drunk, and the authorities even found some evidence of bestiality. What the heck is wrong with this guy? With the exceptions of the animals, if he did all this with adults, he’d be fine, just another liberal. Why take advantage of children?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong, this man is a sick individual, and we should be talking of the way he will be executed, not how long he will receive in prison time. I have a major problem with the type of punishment this dirt bag will get. Chances are he’ll be back on the streets in a few years, only to prey on more innocents. However, there is no coming back from the electric chair. He will go to prison, protected by our tax dollars, kept away from those who would hurt people like him, on our dime. It’s sickening. He should pay for his crimes, and pay for real. Not with this pathetic jail sentence.

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