We built you up, we will tear you down!

I think since I’m such a nice, friendly guy, always smiling, humble, gentle, that some people think that I’m some sort of pushover who they can disrespect and its gonna be all good in the hood. Well, think again fucker, I’m not a damn pushover.

Recently, some individuals have tested me, and I let them slide time and time again, but there is a limit to the abuse I’ll tolerate before I have to check that ass.

First, I tried the diplomatic, ego sensitive approach. I figured that if I confronted them in public, they’d get defensive and to save face, they’d resist. So I pulled this person to the side and I kindly asked that they please stop criticizing me in public. I told them that I didn’t like it and I found it embarrassing and hurtful. I explained that I’d appreciate any feedback or “constructive criticism” be shared privately with me. This person said, “I understand, but I’m loud, this is how I am.” This person, a self proclaimed loud mouth insisted on publicly trying to embarrass me. Okay, well that’s a two way street my friend, you do know that right?

So, I’ve started to offer my own loud, public criticism in return. You know what I mean? Like, “Hey, maybe if you moved your lazy self, you’d actually get some results. You claim that what we do here is too easy, but it’s not, the problem is that you DO NOT MOVE! Of course it feels easy, you ain’t even trying, you are lazy and you DO NOT MOVE!”

Oh, but this person didn’t like me speaking back to them. They love to attack and criticize me loudly, in front of everyone, but the moment you give it back, they get butt hurt and take exception.

“Hey, you don’t know people’s circumstances, you shouldn’t criticize anyone. You are becoming very arrogant, Angel. We built you up, and it’s up to us to bring you down! All of you males, you are arrogant and critical but you don’t know our circumstances!”

That’s true, I don’t know anyone’s circumstances, and that’s why I DO NOT criticize anyone. I am criticizing YOU, specifically AND ONLY YOU, no one else, just YOU, and that’s because YOU insist on attacking me. I asked you quietly to stop, I did it that way for you to save face and to protect your fragile ego, because I know how weak minded people like you are. Yet, you disregarded my request, now you don’t like me offering my constructive criticism in the same fashion?

This person takes any opportunity they see to bring me down. Rather than be helpful or supportive of my career, they are just critical and negative under the guise of “giving me constructive criticism.” They’ve never been helpful, only negative, yet they think that they “built me up?” LOL. As I mentioned before, this is a very loud person, so when they open their big mouth, everyone hears.

If I appear tired, they said I’m weak and that they don’t understand how I got to where I am, but remember, “I don’t know people’s circumstances.” I guess that this only applies when talking about them and not when talking about me? LOL. My circumstances don’t matter? Hypocrite. If I’m tired, there is a reason, probably 4 hours of straight training? Maybe I’m sick? Maybe I haven’t had a rest day? Maybe I’m injured? None of which I’d use as an excuse to get out of my job by the way. This week I taught injured, sick, and after many other classes with no rest day.

Regarding this claim that they built me up? Fuck you. Wanna know how I’ve built my confidence, experience, and this attitude that says, “I know I’m good.” Because make no mistake, I am good, and damn right I know it. Hell yeah, I KNOW IT. See there is a difference between being an arrogant person, and KNOWING YOUR WORTH. I’m not arrogant, or cocky, but I DO KNOW MY WORTH!

So yes, when you try to put me down, discredit my work, or even worse, attempt to take credit for what I’VE done, over and over again, eventually I’m going to get fed up and you are going to hear MY big mouth.

But back to my point, wanna know how I built this confidence? By doing what I do! I’ve spent countless hours practicing my craft, I go to different locations throughout this big city, I try out my techniques, I listen to feedback, I watch the members, and I learn from my mistakes and then I improve on them. My confidence comes from MY hard work, no one person propped me up or gave me anything. I did this! Do you understand? I did this!

So yeah, if you are a lazy, weak person, and you provoke me over and over again, you bet your sweet ass that I’m gonna have some words for you. I don’t bother anyone, and I do my best to ignore the troublemakers, but how many times do you think you are gonna put me on blast or attempt to humiliate me in front of a group before I retaliate?

You’ve done nothing to build me up, and you have zero power to “break me down.” The one time that you had an opportunity to actually help me, you DID NOT help me, you helped someone else who has not contributed as much as I have. So you can get the fuck out of here with your bullshit claim that you built or helped me in any way, shape or form. The only person responsible for my accomplishments is me.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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