Bus monitor taunted more forgiving than I am.

I know this story is old, but I had to share it for any of my readers that may be unaware of what these little punks did to this older lady.

I read about this story some time ago and saw the video on youtube, infuriated I took to twitter and Facebook sharing my anger at these little punks. Evil, cruel, insensitive, abusive little punks. The video shows these little miscreants insulting this lady, calling her fat, a troll, ugly, making statements likes “your kids should kill themselves”.

As I watched the video I wanted so badly to be there. I promise you this, those little chumps would learn a little something about respect. And mind you my words are measured here as this is an open site, but I hope, I sincerely hope those “kids” get what they have coming.

Karen Klein (the victim) said that the part that hurt most was the statement about her kids killing themselves, seeing as though one of them actually took their own life some time ago.

Police in Greece NY are looking into whether or not any actions will be filed against the little chumps, but Karen Klein stated on the Wall Street Journal that she doesn’t want the kids charged. She hopes the parents handle it on a lower level. She is a saint, I’d want their souls!

At this point there has been almost a quarter of a million dollars raised in a fund that was set up to send her on vacation. Hopefully when Karen Klein retires the replacement is someone like me.

For her composure, control, and grace in handling this, Karen Klein gets the NYCTalking New Yorker of the day award! Enjoy your vacation mam! And I guess we should thank those idiots for getting her all this money.

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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Angel Rodriguez


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