Cabbie severs a tourist’s leg, cries woe is him.

I’ve been reading several different posts on this story, most are talking about the victim, Sian Green. Today I read a post that spoke about the driver and his “careless road rage.”  This article by the NY Post appears to me as though the driver, Mohammed Faysal Himon feels as though he is as much a victim as the the young lady. As I thought about this opinion piece, I wasn’t sure if I should put it here on NYCTalking or take this to The Hidden Report where I tend to take off the gloves and go a little harder. Since it involves a NYC incident I decided to put it here, and I’ll try to keep it cool.

This man’s careless actions ruined this woman’s life. I can appreciate that she is in good spirits and that she is determined to live her life, but you don’t lose two legs and remain unaffected. Bottom line here is that this guy losing his temper behind the wheel costs this woman her quality of life. HE SEVERED HER FREAKING LEGS YO! THINK ABOUT THAT. HE SEVERED HER FREAKING LEGS!

He claims that if the bicyclists didn’t bang on his car this wouldn’t have happened, and perhaps this is true. He claims that he was stressed and doesn’t want to drive a cab. Wah.  Wah. Wah. Give me a break pal, at the end of day, your losing your composure is directly responsible for what happened to this beautiful young lady. Himon is not stupid, and I am sure he has already sought legal counsel. Reports say that he claims after he accelerated to get away from the “dangerous” cyclist banging on his car that he went blank and doesn’t remember anything until after the crash. Brilliant. Sounds to me like he’s setting up a legal defense for when they come after him.

I wasn’t there, I don’t know exactly what happened, but what I do know is that we as adults have to take responsibility for our actions. I can appreciate Himon’s situation, but at this point he is lucky to still be a free man. His road rage and negligence ruined another human being’s life. Our prayers are with Sian during this trying priod.

(Image by John Figlar)

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