Can George Zimmerman get a fair trial?

I have read several articles lately involving the George Zimmerman second degree murder trial.

All of them asking the common question “Can George Zimmerman get a fair trial”?

Several points were raised:

– Could a parent of a black child provide a fair verdict when even the president of the United States seems to have something to say? “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin”.

– Would a juror feel safe in handing out a not guilty verdict when they know that their names, home addresses and appearance would be revealed after the trial?

Even the judge has been reported for replacement as she is connected to the case as one of her husband’s legal partners reports as an analyst on CNN.

They have established that locally at least, in Sanford, Florida, a fair trial is not going to happen.

A few of my friends have taken issue with me because “I have sided with Zimmerman”. So even I, as a Blogger have experienced some backlash.

Allow me to clarify, I have NOT sided with Zimmerman, I have sided with allowing the facts to come out, I have sided with right and wrong. Many are condemning the man, without all the facts. Slowly but surely more and more facts keep coming out indicating a struggle of some sort. Completely negating earlier tales and claims that he stalked him like a dog and killed him in cold blood. Others say “Since Zimmerman started this by following him, even if Trayvon attacked him, he should have taken his beating like a man!”  Those are street rules, I know this because that’s where I grew up, the streets. However, the laws are different in Florida than they are here, and not everyone follows “street rules”. The question from a legal point of view is simple, “Was Zimmerman attacked, and if so did he have reason to fear for his life or serious bodily injury?” If the answer to this question is yes, then legally, he will win this case.

People appear to be very divided by race, plenty of people had already deemed Zimmerman guilty or innocent, long before any facts came out. I wonder how they have reached a conclusion? I haven’t, I’m just looking at the facts.

That’s the problem I have with all this. Initially, based on what I heard on the media, I too was biased against Zimmerman, NBC made him sound like a racist, so I understand. But acknowledge this, they doctored the tapes, and someone got fired over it. Shady, shady, shady. In any case at some point or another I realized that I didn’t have all the facts, and it was unfair of me to judge him without facts.

So here I am, waiting for the facts.

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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  2. Tanya

    05-14-2012 at 3:57 am

    Although, my feeling is that George was over zealous and instigated the situation. I do not think he will be getting a fair trial for the all the various reasons that you summed up in your post. As, for him being guilty of actually meaning to kill poor Trayvon, I don’t really know. It’s a very sad case, which I really feel for his family and what they must be experiencing right now.

    • Angel Rodriguez

      05-14-2012 at 3:58 am

      I appreciate your honest feedback. That is an intelligent response, with reason. Many of the posts that I receive in response are heated, emotion driven, nonsensical responses. Mostly on twitter and facebook. It’s good to see a reply that though favors Trayvon directly, still provides reason and sane logic. Personally, I think some mistakes were made, and if any were malicious, it will hopefully come to light. Thank you for your feedback.

      Nice to meet you Tanya, I’m Angel..

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