You can walk me home

Dinner has been lovely, as always I’ve enjoyed your company. So, do you have an umbrella? No, I don’t, it’s raining again isn’t it? Yes, yes it is. Do you have one? Of course, I do. Great, then you can walk me home. I intended to do so regardless.

It’s been decades since we met, I was a young man, and she a young woman. We hung out and did the young things that kids did back in those days, even some things that kids like me didn’t care to do, such as playing hand ball! To hang out with her, it was worth it.

She happened to be in town and had some time for me. She said, “Are you willing to come to me?” I’m willing to go to the moon and stars my friend, I did, after all, play handball for you.

We met in our old stomping grounds and ended up going to a local diner, I’ll be covering that place in a different post. In any case, this is about our time, not the resto for now. So, we sat, spoke, and did some catching up. She reminded me of some things that she herself witnessed about me, and those too will be covered in another Nextbestday fitness post.

We spoke about our lives, memories, thoughts, goals, etc. In hindsight, I think I did a lot of the talking, that’s one of my problems, I talk a whole lot. But, I can also listen, though this evening, I think I did a lot of talking. This won’t be too long a post, she’s much more private than I am, and truth be told, I’d rather keep our moments just for us.

But, I just had to share how nostalgic it felt to walk through roads and sidewalks that I haven’t set foot on since I was a teenager. I can say with nearly 100% certainty that the last time I walked that road was to take her home what feels like a lifetime ago. I remember the road, the building not so much. But as I took her there, and left her at her door step, I couldn’t help but feel like a teenager again. That goofy kid dropping off his cool friend at home, and then walking away into sunset. Although it was already dark on this evening.

As I stood there getting my headphones ready, she said goodbye through one of the hallway windows, and I caught another glimpse of those pretty eyes. She left, and I began my walk away. It’s always so hard to walk away from someone whom you love being with, but what choice do I have, but to walk?

I looked at the new Yankee stadium, the place where my running track used to be, and I looked over at the new park where the old Yankee Stadium once stood. I also studied the few restaurants and bars on the walk. There was a light drizzle, but the rain had once again calmed down. Moments ago she wanted to get wet, she said it felt good, but I played grandpa and kept the umbrella over us. I’m such a bore.

So I wanted to walk into the park, breathe in the fresh air from the greenery. But no, I just continued to walk. I miss her a lot, and it is maddening to know that she is right there, in that building, so close, yet so far. I’d love to continue catching up, reminisncing, and simply being in her presence. This is one of those people who just makes you feel good to be around them. But, in another day she’ll be back on the other side of the country, with her family where she belongs. This is reality, this is life. Suck it up buttercup, just keep walking, keep walking away.

Within moments I’d be wrestling with the Yankees fans for a spot on the train, but for those moments, I was enjoying the high from walking her home.

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Angel Rodriguez

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