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So I took an overnight trip down to DC to do some work at one of our satellite offices. As I was staying there one night, I needed to make some sleeping arrangements. One of my colleagues suggested that I stay at the Capital Hilton which is about a block or two from the office, so that’s where I stayed.

What can I say about this place after just one night? Well, I felt that the front desk gentlemen, Daryl was extremely friendly and very professional. He answered all of my questions, provided me with some suggestions as to where to eat, and engaged with me over text about my experience. That’s right, these guys live text you for any questions, information, and so on. That’s a pretty nice touch. I had a question about my credit card, and I texted them and got my answer that way. Pretty cool.

So I’m a Hilton honors member and this granted me 2 bottles of water. That’s pretty cool. It’s water, but hey, who doesn’t need water? And yes, I know, I’m paying a lot to stay there.

The room was clean, spacious and comfortable. I only spent one night there, and basically came in to sleep after a long day of work, but it was a cool way to close the day. I took a hot shower, turned down the AC a bit, and buried myself under the covers. At some point in the a.m, housekeeping scared the crap out of me while announcing themselves either to me, or next door, I was half asleep so I have no idea who they were talking to or what they were saying. I fell right back asleep after the initial startle.

On the way out I encountered a member of the housekeeping staff, and she was also quite friendly to me. I enjoyed my stay here, and when I return to DC for work, I’ll choose the Capital Hilton for my stay. It’s super convenient for my purposes, and the experience was nice. Also, if you purchase your next breakfast while checking in, you’ll save like $10 or something.

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