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Here are some of my favorite editor's pick!

For some odd reason, I cannot for the life of me find the freaking review I did for this play. I swore I wrote it back when I saw it on Broadway, but I cannot find it. I suppose...
Hey Angel, I read the article. WOW. To say the review was the nicest, most well written, warmest, sincere, and “real-est” review I have EVER read about ANY restaurant, would be an UNDERSTATEMENT. I read it twice and then I shared...
nur thai

Nur Thai

It has been awhile since I go to a restaurant where everything I ate was delicious. This place happens to be one. The lady and I were out running some errands, and wanted to eat. She suggested this spot,...
It's not often that a restaurant lives up to its reputation. More often than not, you go out to try a fancy restaurant, and you are usually let down by a lackluster experience. While walking to "Alive" last night,...
Summary of Capizzi Review NYC - In terms of the food, the pizza, this place is phenomenal and highly recommended! They even earn a Editor's Choice award for great pizza! By the way, I'm going to change that award...

Reading is fundamental

Book: Monster Hunter International

So recently I started reading some books on my kindle. The latest discovery that I have made is "Monster Hunter International." I haven't yet...



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